Passport Blocks

The Passport Block was constructed by faculty at each Interstate Passport® network institution by compiling learning opportunities that align with the Passport Learning Outcomes (PLOs) just as they would compile the learning opportunities that constitute the institution’s general education program, academic minor, academic major or any other program at the institution. The essential consideration was that the total of the learning experiences in the Passport Block needed to address all of the PLOs. Once the Passport Blocks were established by faculty, each institution built a Member Profile to share the coursework that comprised their Passport Block for ease of reference by students, advisors, WICHE staff, and other network members.

The Member Profiles shared through this webpage are considered archival materials and their publication on this webpage is to serve as an extant reference for the formation of a Passport Block and does not indicate any current transfer agreement. For information about any institution’s active articulation agreements, please contact that institution.