Western States Decision Support Group

An information-sharing network for behavioral health data and evaluation professionals

The Western States Decision Support Group (WSDSG) is an information-sharing network for the behavioral health data and evaluation staff and managers from WICHE states and territories. WICHE MHP has been managing the WSDSG since 1985. WICHE MHP manages monthly conference calls to discuss emerging issues in behavioral health data and system evaluation and provides ongoing support to WSDSG members. WICHE MHP also organizes an annual meeting with training and presentations for WSDSG members to stay apprised of developments and best practices in the field of behavioral health data and evaluation. Funding is based on an annual membership fee of $6,000.

For more information, please contact:

Dennis Mohatt

Vice President, Behavioral Health Program and Co-director, Mental Health Technology Transfer Center



Thomas Barrett

Senior Consultant, Behavioral Health Program