Behavioral Health Oversight Council

Founded in 1955, the mission of the WICHE Behavioral Health program is twofold: 1) to assist states in improving systems of care for behavioral health consumers and their families and 2) to advance the preparation of a qualified behavioral health workforce in the West. The program collaborates with states to meet the challenges of changing environments through regional research and evaluation, policy analysis, program development, technical assistance, and information sharing.

The Behavioral Health Oversight Council is the WICHE Behavioral Health Program’s advisory board. The Behavioral Health Oversight Council is composed of the chief state behavioral health official from each WICHE state and two representatives of the WICHE Commission.

The purpose of the Behavioral Health Oversight Council is to advise in establishing the programmatic and fiscal direction of the program; to provide active representation of the public behavioral health service system in the program’s formulation of its policies, objectives, and priorities; and to advocate for financial and participatory support of the program.


Council Members

Theresa C. Arriola, Guam (Chair)
Neal Bowen, New Mexico (Vice Chair)
Ross Edmunds, Idaho (Past Chair)
Rodney Jacob (WICHE Commissioner)
Antwan Jefferson (WICHE Commissioner)
Gennifer Moreau-Johnson, Alaska
Joseph Villagomez, CNMI
Morgan Medlock, Colorado
Amy Curtis, Hawai’i
Rebecca de Camara, Montana
Stephanie Woodard, Nevada
Pam Sagness, North Dakota
Steve Allen, Oregon
Tiffany Wolfgang, South Dakota
Brent Kelsey, Utah
Keri Waterland, Washington
Matt Petry, Wyoming