A Revolution in College Transfer

Interstate Passport® facilitates seamless block transfer of lower-division general education attainment based on learning outcomes, rather than specific courses and credits. The program helps students save money, avoid needless repetition of courses, reduce lost credits, and graduate more quickly.

This grassroots effort, conceived and shaped by academic leaders, faculty, registrars, institutional researchers, advisers, and others over several years to meet evolving needs of students and institutions, now boasts Interstate Passport Network members in multiple states. As it grows beyond the WICHE West with a nationwide scope, Interstate Passport exemplifies WICHE’s mission of increasing higher education access and affordability, and to bringing together higher education partners across institutions and states to solve a pervasive problem.

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Learn More on Interstate Passport’s Website

A breadth of detail on Interstate Passport–the schools that comprise its Network, the learning outcomes that serve as its currency for transfer, and more information and resources indicating how the program can serve you–is available at interstatepassport.wiche.edu.