Legislative Advisory Committee

Strengthening policymaking in higher education across the West

In support of WICHE’s mission, the WICHE Commission created the Legislative Advisory Committee (LAC) in 1995 to inform the commission and staff about significant legislative issues related to higher education; provide input on WICHE initiatives; and advise staff on program considerations related to WICHE’s policy workshops. Today, the LAC also works to strengthen state policymaking in higher education in the West by engaging legislators who are appointed by the WICHE Commission in the discussion of relevant higher education issues and by seeking strategies for interstate collaboration. The LAC meets annually (generally in September), and members are invited to other WICHE activities, such as policy forums and webinars.

Each state and territory in the WICHE region is allotted up to four LAC members. Each LAC member serves a two-year term and may be reappointed at the discretion of their state’s WICHE Commissioners. WICHE Commissioners who are state legislators are automatically appointed to the LAC.


For more information, please contact:

Christina Sedney

Director of Policy and Strategic Initiatives, Policy Analysis and Research



Melissa Sanders

Administrative Assistant III, Policy Analysis and Research