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Cathy Dinauer Appointed to the WICHE Commission

19 Jan

BOULDER, Colo. – Cathy Dinauer, the Executive Director of the Nevada State Board of Nursing, was recently appointed by Governor Steve Sisolak to the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE), an interstate compact of Western states and territories...

The 60 Year Degree: Learning Without Boundaries

21 Jan

The boundaries of learning and earning are intersecting in increasingly complex ways. The “traditional” approach – prescriptive pathways of degree attainment, followed by a long career – can no longer be the norm in a dynamic and rapidly changing...

What Does the Declining Number of High School Graduates Mean for the Future of Higher Education?

29 Jan

Join NEBHE and our panel of esteemed experts to discuss the far-reaching implications of WICHE’s latest Knocking at the College Door report

Campus Wellness in the COVID Era: Practical Tips and Tools

05 Feb

Students, faculty, and staff continue to be impacted by COVID.  As the pandemic extends beyond 2020, the effect of “COVID fatigue” is taking its toll on mental wellness. Learn about the long-term impacts of an extended crisis on health...

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Transfer Students: Key to Institutional Resilience

Some experts argue that transfer students could play a pivotal role in the survival of colleges today. In a recent virtual forum, hosted by The Chronicle of Higher Education, hear from experts (including Francisco Rodriguez, Co-Chair of our Colleagues for Interstate Passport’s Future Advisory Committee) about challenges transfer students face today, the current obstacles at colleges, and the ways institutions can help attract and retain transfer students simply by better serving their needs, including Interstate Passport.

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WICHE's Impact Throughout the West

Since 1953, WICHE has been working collaboratively to expand educational access and excellence for all citizens of the West. By promoting innovation, cooperation, resource sharing, and sound public policy among states and institutions, WICHE strengthens higher education’s contributions to the region’s social, economic, and civic life. Select a WICHE state or territory on the map to explore individual highlights of our long-standing partnership.