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News Release

University of Hawaiʻi President Elected to Lead WICHE Commission

19 Nov 2021

BOULDER, Colo. – David Lassner, president of the University of Hawaiʻi, where he leads both the 10-campus system that is the state’s sole provider of public postsecondary education and its flagship R1 research university, was elected as the 2022...

2022 Spring Commission Meeting

23 May 2022

WICHE's governing commission meets twice annually to discuss business of this interstate agency.

News Release

Dr. Raymonda ‘Ray’ Burgman Selected as Vice President, Programs and Services

27 Sep 2021

BOULDER, Colo. – The Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education is pleased to announce that Dr. Raymonda “Ray” Burgman has been selected as its new Vice President, Programs and Services. Burgman brings over 20 years of experience in a...

2021 Fall Commission Meeting

04 Nov 2021

WICHE's governing commission meets twice annually to discuss business of this interstate agency.

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Policy Analysis and Research

The Increasing Nuance in the Racial and Ethnic Identity of U.S. West Youth Populations, 2010-2020

Census 2020 data confirm WICHE’s Knocking at the College Door projections that fewer children are entering and will exit the K-12 pipeline. This analysis focuses on youth diversification in the Western U.S. states over the last decade, as the youth of today will be postsecondary students in the years to come. State variation can be explored through interactive charts or downloadable data.

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WICHE's Impact Throughout the West

Since 1953, WICHE has been strengthening higher education, workforce development, and behavioral health throughout the region. As an interstate compact, WICHE partners with states, territories, and postsecondary institutions to share knowledge, create resources, and develop innovative solutions that address some of our society’s most pressing needs. Select a WICHE state or territory on the map to explore individual highlights of our long-standing partnerships.

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Featured News

Transfer Students: Key to Institutional Resilience

Some experts argue that transfer students could play a pivotal role in the survival of colleges today. In a recent virtual forum, hosted by The Chronicle of Higher Education, hear from experts (including Francisco Rodriguez, Co-Chair of our Colleagues for Interstate Passport’s Future Advisory Committee) about challenges transfer students face today, the current obstacles at colleges, and the ways institutions can help attract and retain transfer students simply by better serving their needs, including Interstate Passport.

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