Assessing the Use of Administrative Holds

WICHE is increasing understanding around the use of holds that restrict registration or official transcripts as a means to get college student action or payment, and providing tools to undertake change.

Informed and guided by the experience of 12 public postsecondary institutions from the WICHE region who collaborated in the No Holding Back community of practice from 2022 to 2023, WICHE provides video profiles, student and college staff testimonials, case study examples, and tools to increase awareness about this practice, highlight student experiences and for institutions to (re)evaluate their hold policies and practices to support institutional and student success. These materials were released in October 2023 during a live webcast with a panel of students and a panel of postsecondary administrators who participated in the holds assessment project, and continue to be updated periodically.  


The Case for Evaluating Your Use of Holds



 Review whether holds are necessary, could be reduced or improved, or other options exist to enable student success, and compliance.

Use data to reveal:

  • How many unique holds exist across departments
  • Relative impacts and differences for your key student populations
  • Whether you might reconsider financial thresholds
University Student Without Family SupportMilitary Veteran Student Who Attends Community CollegeCommunity College Student Who Used a Pell Grant
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