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 Registration for the 2022 Alliance Annual Meeting is Now Open

How Will Higher Education & the Purpose of Community Colleges Change in the Next Decade?

October 26-28th in Broomfield, CO

Registration closes on October 12, 2022.

Sharing ideas, best practices, and fresh perspectives

The Western Alliance of Community College Academic Leaders (Alliance) is a membership organization that serves as an incubator for collaborating and problem-solving among chief academic officers (or equivalent) at WICHE-region community colleges and technical schools, related systems, and state coordinating and governing boards. 

How should community colleges retool in a fast-evolving economy? What strategies work for increasing student access and completion? How can colleges foster a seamless interrelationship between their programs and workforce opportunities? 

These are just a few of countless issues of distinct concern to chief academic leaders, but common to peer two-year institutions across the Western United States. Together, this network’s participants seek solutions to these and other issues beyond the scope of a single institution, system, or state on behalf of Alliance-member institutions. 

Alliance activities include:

  • Initiatives that address issues affecting higher education in critical niches, such as Interstate Passport
  • The Academic Leaders Toolkit, a peer-reviewed repository for programs, initiatives, and best practices
  • An annual face-to-face meeting, a primary Western U.S. convening ground for senior academic leaders in this niche
  • Regular dialogue and problem-solving on innovations and best practices through Listservs and other means
Landon Pirius with Students

“The WICHE Alliance fosters collaboration amongst Western community and technical colleges.  Through collaboration, academic leaders within the Alliance develop sustained partnerships, share limited resources, encourage development of emerging leaders, and stimulate innovation in our rapidly changing environments.  Since I joined the Alliance, I have benefitted professionally from the relationships I have developed and the conferences I have attended.  Both experiences have been a benefit to our community colleges, our students, and our communities.”