Western Allianced of Community College Academic Leaders logoMessage from the Chair


Kaylyn Bondy

Alliance Executive Committee, Bismarck State College

Dear Colleagues:

As the elected chair of the Alliance, I would like to thank current members for your continued commitment and support. For those of you who are not members, I welcome you to explore our work and hope you consider joining us.

Like you, we are doing our best to adjust to the challenges that COVID-19 has brought to our campuses. Though this may be a time of uncertainty and challenge, it is also a time to reflect on and promote our two-year institutions’ vital role for students and communities.

The continued shift of students choosing local two-year colleges presents an opportunity for institutions to strategically communicate their role as the affordable, accessible solution for technical and transfer education. Given crisis can foster innovation and creativity, the connection promoted through the ALLIANCE remains vital for transformation and best-practice during this time. Like many of you, the ALLIANCE has been collaborating to innovatively face such challenges. Though the 2020 annual meeting was cancelled, the ALLIANCE offered three webinars to members and registered 2020 Alliance Annual Meeting participants.

The ALLIANCE pledges to remain true to its mission of collaboratively seeking solutions to issues beyond the scope of a single institution, system, or state. The ALLIANCE has gathered considerable input and though the decision was not made easily, the ALLIANCE has decided to forgo a face-to-face annual conference for Spring 2021. Exciting plans are underway for a series of relevant online virtual meetings which will be created in collaboration with the Western Academic Leadership Forum, our four-year counterpart. The ALLIANCE looks forward to creatively serving our membership and stakeholders despite current challenges.

I look forward to connecting with you all and welcome any questions you may have.