Alternative Assessments in Digital Learning in Higher Education: Global Perspectives

  • Date : March 23, 2021 2:00 PM Mountain Time
  • Meeting Type : Webcast

Hosted in partnership with OneHE.

Remote learning highlighted some of the challenges associated with assessments via online learning. Proctoring, identity verification, and other means of authenticating the learner taking the test present challenges, including costs and privacy concerns.

Alternatives to traditional assessments help demonstrate what students can do over what they know or have memorized. According to Brigham Young University, “…an alternative assessment measures applied proficiency more than it measures knowledge. Typical examples of alternative assessments include portfolios, project work, and other activities requiring some type of rubric.”

Alternative assessments can reduce privacy and security concerns and showcase student’s competencies and proficiency.

Join our panelists for global perspectives on how to effectively use alternative assessments including:

  • Advantages and disadvantages including cost and workload.
  • Self and peer assessments.
  • Role of edtech.
  • Student perceptions.
  • Links between faculty evaluation and student motivation.

WCET members will receive access to a Closer Look guide on Alternative Assessments in March. The guide will include accessibility and diversity, access, and inclusion considerations.

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