Educational Appropriations and Tuition Revenue

In FY 2022, educational appropriations per student increased for the tenth consecutive fiscal year and have increased by 52% since FY 2012 when appropriations per student were at the lowest point during the Great Recession. Tuition revenue per student has also increased overall in the past nine years, despite an annual decrease in FY 2022.

Notes: Full-time equivalent enrollment is equal to one student enrolled full-time for one academic year, excluding most non-credit/non-degree programs and medical students. Net tuition revenue is the gross amount of tuition and fees, less state and institutional aid, waivers and discounts, and medical student tuition and fees. Educational appropriations are state and local support available for public higher education operating expenses. Figures are adjusted for inflation using the Higher Education Cost Adjustment, enrollment mix, and cost-of-living differences among states. Data not available for the U.S. Pacific Territories and Freely Associated States.

Source: State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO) Association, State Higher Education Finance, FY 2022.

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