Finding and Providing Clarity Amidst the Array of Digital Learning Definitions and Modalities

  • Timezone : US/Mountain
  • Date : March 15, 2023 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Mountain Time
  • Meeting Type : Webcast

This webcast is hosted in partnership with Minerva Project. MINERVA logo.

As a follow-up to the WCET’s September 2022 webcast, Navigating the Confusing Array of Digital Learning Definitions, we are continuing the conversation and providing guidance around the spectrum of digital education modalities and how they can be implemented.   

Join our panelists to discuss: 

  • How to standardize the definitions of digital learning modalities,
  • How to design courses and programs that utilize multiple modalities effectively for students,
  • The implications of hybrid learning for students, institutions, and policymakers, 
  • Policy implications, including at the institutional, state, and federal levels, and 
  • The critical voice of the students and their expectations. 

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