Alliance 2023 Annual Meeting

The Western Alliance of Community College Academic Leaders (Alliance) is an interstate membership group of higher education leaders at two-year institutions based in the West. Roughly 60 chief academic officers at WICHE-region college and technical schools and related systems offices and state agencies gather each year for the Alliance annual meeting. This highly rated, intimate annual meeting leads to constant idea generation around pressing issues while also facilitating professional development. Curious about membership? Visit our website.

The focus of the 2023 Alliance Annual Meeting is about reframing the community college experience to better reflect the current reality and future of community colleges and will take place October 4-6, 2023 in Tacoma, WA.

Supporting Instruction and Learning Through Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI landed on our campuses like a comet. We saw it on the horizon but didn’t anticipate its immediacy or impact. How have teaching and learning practices changed, and which shifts will result in long-term learning transformation? How do we foster meaningful learning experiences while navigating the challenges of updating campus policies and academic integrity? WCET surveyed its members and Wiley University Services has consulted with institutions on the topic of AI in higher education. Join this lively discussion as we highlight some key findings and insights and answer participant questions.  

Learn more about the webcast and speakers on the WCET website.

Avoiding Potholes Along the Microcredentials Superhighway

The road to a successful and high-quality microcredentialing initiative can be fraught with potholes and speedbumps, but the final destination is attainable. This webcast will bring together experts and practitioners in higher education to discuss what they have learned on their journeys, obstacles to anticipate, and strategies for success to help you on your journey.  

Speakers will discuss: 

  • Research-supported frameworks for microcredentialing. 
  • A forthcoming research-based readiness assessment toolkit. 
  • Working definitions for microcredentials. 
  • Course and competency alignment.  
  • Funding models. 
  • Resource allocation for staff, time, funding, technology, and expertise.  

Learn more about the webcast and speakers on the WCET website.

NCOER Webinar: Understanding Student Experiences of Renewable and Traditional Assignments

The Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) will host the National Consortium of Open Educational Resources (NCOER) webinar, “Understanding Student Experiences of Renewable and Traditional Assignments,” on May 10 at Noon MT, to share the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) and its affiliated researchers’ recent study’s findings on the role of open pedagogy in increasing student engagement. NCOER is a partnership of the four higher education regional compacts focused on increasing access, affordability, and equity of open educational resources (OER).


Balancing Leadership and Life While Supporting Your Team

During this webcast hosted by WCET and WICHE Behavioral Health, our expert speakers will discuss:

  • Toolkits for planning for wellness.  
  • Identifying stressors in yourself and your team. 
  • Skills for developing resiliency and nurturing it in yourself and your team. 
  • Tips for managing stress in the moment, including a brief experiential exercise to help you rewire your brain during times of high stress.  
  • Physiological signs and symptoms.

View more information on the WCET website. 

OERwest Network Convening

This two-day convening will provide an opportunity for OER practitioners to come together for networking, peer-to-peer learning, and professional development. Speakers from around the nation will share best practices, approaches, and processes that facilitate the advancement and scaling of OER.

For more information, please visit our Open Educational Resources webpage.

AACC Annual Meeting 2023

No Holding Back presents at AACC. Nearly every enrolled college student will experience at least one student administrative and/or student success hold during their career, but institutions struggle knowing the breadth of holds that have accumulated over years and with monitoring the impact of holds, at all, let alone for equity issues. Community colleges attending this session will get a preview and actively consider how they can use the tools and guidelines for analyzing holds data and changing campus policy, that were generated in the No Holding Back project conducted by WICHE, AACRAO and twelve public institutions. Hear from Laramie County Community College and WICHE.

AACRAO Annual Meeting 2023

No Holding Back presents at AACRAO 2023! Student administrative holds are ubiquitous among institutions. Yet, research indicates that institutions struggle in analyzing their holds data. A new collaboration between the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education & AACRAO will produce a handbook that institutions and others can use to monitor holds for equity and general use. Join us to hear from the University of Arizona regarding their experience. You will leave with actionable steps to investigate your institutions’ holds data & policies!

Student Access Programs: By the Numbers AY 2022-23 Webinar

WICHE is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2023! Watch this webinar to learn about WICHE’s oldest program, the Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP), as well as the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE), and the Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP). Margo Colalancia, Director of Student Access Programs, and Kate Springsteen, Assistant Director of Student Access Programs, discuss the regional enrollment and savings offered by these programs as reported in this year’s Student Access Programs: By the Numbers report. Peace Bransberger, WICHE Senior Research Analyst, provides analysis on how these data align with national enrollment trends and projections offered by WICHE’s Knocking at the College Door. This webinar is the first in a series where WICHE experts bring you information and insight on important topics on higher education, policy, and more.

Third-Party Servicer Guidance: Update, What Do We Know, and Why You Should Comment

This event is hosted by SAN, WCET, and Phil Hill & Associates.

Join expert speakers as they address the recent U.S. Department of Education release of (GEN-23-03) Requirements and Responsibilities for Third-Party Servicers and Institutions (Updated Feb. 28, 2023). Speakers will address and collect audience questions and suggest why you should provide a public comment (deadline March 29, 2023). View SAN’s website for more information and resources related to the new requirements.