The Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) is seeking proposals to for two-year grants to accredited colleges and universities, to develop and implement technological solutions that result in improved transfer student outcomes and metrics.

WICHE seeks to support up to six institutional partnerships that will work together to develop relevant technology improvements and pilot them in their settings.  Partnerships may apply for up to $30,000. Alternatively, partnerships may propose an approach that would utilize the equivalent of $30,000 of technology development services, through a consultant that WICHE sources and provides. These partners will focus on specific transfer student populations that are important in their transfer student flows, prototype and test tools that they would want to be implemented in their information systems, and provide critical information to advisors and students to enable the successful transfer of credits and progress through major coursework at the receiving institution. The call for proposals is closed. Partnerships will be announced in May 2024.

Please send any questions to Olivia Tufo, otufo@wiche.edu or call 303-541-0261.

  • Key transfer-focused staff, registrars, and IT representatives knowledgeable about course transcripting and information from accredited community colleges and universities
  • All institutional partners must confirm support from senior leadership at both institutions
  • Financial support to improve or implement technology that specifically supports successful transfer pathways between institutions that have a proven need for technological solutions to address a significant transfer student population between their institutions.
  • Each institutional partnership will receive up to $30,000 for their specified technology development needs.
  • Activities required as part of participation:
    • Quarterly community of practice (virtual/remote) participation, facilitated by WICHE, to exchange examples and information amongst each other and providing WICHE the opportunity to cull and summarize collective learnings for the field about possible technological approaches to transfer student support and curriculum mapping.
    • Demonstrable technology improvement or addition
    • Upon the conclusion of Spring Semester 2026, institution partners will report results of their technology enhancements, student transfer success outcomes, and student and institution financial impacts.
  • Participation from April 2024 to October 2026
  • Quarterly virtual Community of Practice meetings
  • Spring Semester 2025: Initial installation of the technology improvement and cost savings methodology are available for use, testing and tracking
  • WICHE site visits in Year Two (2025)
  • No travel required
  • There is an ongoing need for innovation, improvement, and the removal of impediments to successful student transfer—particularly technological advancements that address information gaps for students and counselors.

Peace Bransberger

Interim Director, Programs and Evidence, Policy Analysis and Research, and Programs and Services



Olivia Tufo

Manager, Community Engagement and Development, Programs and Services