Benchmarks: WICHE Region 2017

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  • Figure 1: Intro

  • Figure 2: Undergraduate Enrollment by Sector
  • Figure 3: Diversification of High Scholl Graduates and College Students
  • Figure 4: 25- to 64-Year-Olds with an Associate's Degree or Above
  • Figure 5: Educational Attainment Levels of 25- to 64-Year-Olds
  • Figure 6: Postsecondary Educational Revenue and Enrollments
  • Figure 7: Postsecondary Education Revenue and Enrollments in the U.S.
  • Figure 8: Tuition as a Percentage of Educational Revenue
  • Figure 9: Tuition and Fees as a Percentage of Family Income
  • Figure 10: Tuition and Fees at Public Two- and Four-Year Institutions
  • Figure 11: Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Enrollment & Savings
  • Figure 12: Institutional Grant Aid Per FTE
  • Figure 13: Students Receiving Federal Grant Aid
  • Figure 14: Average Loan Amount of Bachelor's Degree Recipients
Benchmarks: WICHE Region 2017
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Benchmarks: WICHE Region reflects the most recent data available on the West’s progress in improving access to, success in, and financing of higher education. The information is updated annually with the most recent data available, to monitor change over time and encourage its use as a tool for informed discussion in policy and education communities. 

Please use the following citation if you are reproducing these charts: Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, Benchmarks: WICHE Region 2017.

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