Western Academic Leadership Forum

Message from the Chair

Teddi Safman, Forum chair
Phyllis (Teddi) Safman

As the new chair of the WICHE Academic Forum, I am honored to serve with dedicated academics in the 16 state Western Region. I follow the fine work of outgoing chair, Dr. Neil Moisey, with the Montana University System. Neil, with our Forum colleagues, encouraged us to share ideas, discuss issues facing our states, and address new strategies that have the potential to strengthen faculty teaching and student learning.

The Forum’s annual conference convenes academic leaders from the WICHE region discuss new concepts and innovations that are presented by nationally-recognized academic scholars. Unlike large national conferences, our conference is smaller and more intimate, providing opportunities to network and debate both innovative and controversial issues that impact us professionally.

This next Forum conference will be in Salt Lake City, Utah, April 26-28, 2017 in its downtown area which is walkable with a variety of restaurants and cultural venues. Conference attendees typically identify the conference as an excellent opportunity for professional development.

If your institution is not a member, please join. Membership is open to all regionally-accredited four-year institutions in the WICHE region.

Please join us at the next Forum conference. We hope to see you there.

Phyllis (Teddi) Safman, Forum Chair
Assistant Commissioner for Academic Affairs, Utah System of Higher Education


Annual Meeting Forum Cover2017 Forum Annual Meeting: Designing for Quality in Higher Education Facet by Facet

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APRIL 26-28, 2017, Salt Lake City, UT

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