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The Interstate Passport: A New Framework for Seamless Student Transfer

“[At the faculty workshop I saw that] there is another framework for thinking about general education – it blew the doors off how we had been thinking! And I realized that transfer is broader than just where you are. We should have been thinking about more than Ohio a long time ago.”

– Dona Fletcher, Chair, Sociology Department, Sinclair Community College

The American higher education system underwent tremendous development and growth in the second half of the 20th century, and the idea—and the possibility—of going to college and earning a degree became the norm rather than the exception. As the country's population and student enrollment have grown, states and institutions have had to become increasingly responsive to the ever-changing demographics and economic realities of this evolving student ecosystem.

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WICHE Workplan FY 2017

WICHE and its 16 member states and territories work collaboratively to expand educational access and excellence for their citizens. By promoting innovation, cooperation, resource sharing, and sound public policy, WICHE strengthens higher education’s contributions to our social, economic, and civic life. Download WICHE Workplan FY 2017

WICHE’s FY 2016 annual report

A report available at http://www.wiche.edu/pub/wiche-2016-Annual-Report recaps WICHE’s work during fiscal year 2015 to expand access to higher education, foster student success, create and sustain institutional and state collaborations and innovations, and promote sound public policy.

WICHE Releases 2015-16 Student Exchange Program Statistics Report

This report covers fall 2015 enrollments for WUE, WRGP, and PSEP. It details the funds that flow between students’ home states and the enrolling PSEP institutions that receive them and also provides detailed enrollment for participating WRGP programs and WUE institutions.


Interstate Passport News

Interstate Passport Initiative Framework Complete

WICHE | June 29, 2016

New College Transfer Framework Streamlines Cross-State Transfer

Boulder, Colorado – Lost academic credits and tuition dollars, delayed graduations, and dampened students’ hopes and aspirations have been commonplace for thousands of transfer students because of the reluctance of many colleges and universities to accept course credits earned elsewhere.  Although many states have improved their intrastate transfer policies, students wanting to move credits earned from a campus in one state to a college or university in another state have often faced a host of persistent barriers.

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Interstate Passport Gives College Students the Means to Navigate Transfer Requirements

By Eliana Osborn | July 20, 2016

Well-articulated transfer agreements are a benefit to students as well as schools. Within a state, there may be clarity about transfer requirements and what classes and credits translate from community colleges to public universities. But when transfers cross state lines, all bets are off. That’s where a collaboration of seven western states could make all the difference with a “passport” that can bridge the gap.

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New ‘Interstate Passport’ Aims to Ease College Transfer Process

EdSurge | Jul 7, 2016

AN EU FOR COLLEGE CREDIT? Colleges and universities nationwide can now take advantage of a tool that makes it easier for students to transfer across state lines without losing credits. For the past five years, academic leaders working with the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) have been working on an “Interstate Passport.” The goal of the project? Improve graduation rates by “eliminating transfer students’ unnecessary repetition of learning previously achieved.” Transfer students make up over a third of U.S. college students, and 24 percent of them transfer across state lines.

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'Passport' for Transfer

By Paul Fain | July 5th, 2016

New interstate network seeks to help students transfer across state lines without losing credits, but also defers to faculty members at each college about how to measure learning.

Higher Ed article: 'Passport' for Transfer

California is looking back on six years of a state initiative as the Interstate Passport launches

By Tara García Mathewson | March 29, 2016

While the vast majority of community college students enroll with plans to transfer and earn a bachelor’s degree, only one in 10 actually do so within six years. Fixing the leaky transfer pipeline has become a major concern of state higher education systems, the federal government and a number of foundations in recent years.

In-State and Interstate Initiatives Aim to Improve Transfer Pathways