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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

WICHE is closely monitoring the outbreak of “SARS-CoV-2,” and the disease it causes, which has been named “coronavirus disease 2019” (abbreviated “COVID-19”). To inform and facilitate your response to a rapidly changing situation, WICHE has compiled the following set of resources, which will be updated as new information becomes available.

Save on tuition! Important tips for students & parents:

  1. Are you a resident of a WICHE member state or U.S. Territory (CNMI or Guam)? Are you planning to study at a public college or university in another WICHE state?
  2. Select from 160+ WUE network schools. Download a PDF list, or check the WUE Savings Finder for each school’s details.
  3. Do the schools on your list offer your chosen area of study? Verify! Most majors are eligible for WUE tuition savings at most universities and colleges, but not always. Selected schools may exclude high-demand majors from WUE rate eligibility.
  4. Do you meet your top-choice schools’ WUE admissions criteria? Your residency alone doesn’t guarantee you WUE tuition savings. Many colleges and universities have additional criteria such as ACT/SAT test scores or high school GPA. Some schools use WUE as a merit award and set more rigorous criteria for WUE applicants.
  5. Apply directly to the schools. WICHE doesn’t process applications (there is no general WUE application); WICHE does not participate in the student-selection process. When you apply, indicate you want to be considered for WUE tuition savings. Usually the admissions office handles WUE requests, but at some schools you work with their scholarship or financial aid office.
  6. Apply early. Many schools have an early application deadline for WUE applicants; check your choice schools’ WUE webpages for the most current deadlines. If you apply after your school has reached its quota of WUE seats, you could miss out!
  7. Be informed. Read our comprehensive WUE FAQ and see how much you could save with WUE (updated every December). NOTE: WUE savings (150% of resident tuition or less) only applies to the tuition. Fees are typically standard for residents and nonresidents; they must be paid in addition to tuition.
  8. Got WUE? Congratulations! If you’ve been admitted and awarded the WUE rate, keep all correspondence confirming your WUE award. To keep your WUE tuition savings for the duration of your studies, study hard and remain in good academic standing. Some schools require a minimum number of credit hours per term. Be sure to confirm all requirements directly with your WUE school. IMPORTANT: Students cannot count time enrolled through WUE toward building in-state residency.
  9. Still have questions? If your questions are specific to a certain school, please call their admissions office. If you’ve read these tips, the WUE FAQ, your choice school’s WUE information (their WUE profile on our website and the school’s WUE website) and still have questions, contact us at info-sep@wiche.edu or 303.541.0270 and we will respond as quickly as possible.