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160+ public colleges and universities throughout the WICHE region are members of the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) network. WUE is one of WICHE’s flagship programs. Since 1953, WICHE has fostered affordability and access in higher education throughout the American West.

If your institution already participates in WUE:

From here, you can browse the WUE FAQ, update your school’s profile or report fall enrollments in the WICHE Student Access Programs Administrative Portal, or contact WICHE staff with questions about WUE Memorandum of Agreement.

Thinking of joining the WUE network?

Learn how you can join the WUE network, assess whether your campus is eligible to participate, and view our WUE Memorandum of Agreement. By becoming a WUE institution, you can fill seats with nonresident students from 16 states and territories who might not otherwise attend, and help them realize a more affordable college education. WUE is an added inducement in recruiting out-of-state athletic talent and optimizing student housing capacity. And you can tailor the available majors and admissions criteria to ensure that WUE serves your institution’s–and state’s–unique needs and priorities.

Reach Out to Us Today

Contact us at 303.541.0267 to learn more about how your institution can benefit from being part of WUE–and how you too can help Western students save more than $503 million annually on nonresident tuition. View the WUE Savings Finder for participating institutions and their admissions criteria.

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Update your school’s profile–and report enrollments

Update your college or university’s WUE profile for prospective students and their parents, and report fall enrollment numbers in WICHE’s WUE administrative portal. Click below.


For more information, please contact:

Margo Colalancia

Director of Student Access Programs, Programs and Services



Cherie Curtin

Senior Administrative Coordinator, Programs and Services



Kate Springsteen

Assistant Director, Student Access Programs



Benefited from WUE?