PSEP | Veterinary Medicine

(The maximum WICHE support for veterinary medicine is four academic years.)

Supporting States: AZ CNMI HI MT NV NM ND WY 

States with additional arrangements: ND (for more information, contact your state certifying officer)

IMPORTANT: Veterinary (DVM) applicants strongly encouraged to certify before September 15th; if you're a Montana resident, you must certify by September 1st.  Applicants for other professional healthcare programs must certify by October 15th of the year prior to admission.

Colorado State University
College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Fort Collins, CO

*Midwestern University 
College of Veterinary Medicine

Glendale, AZ

*WICHE anticipates Midwestern will receive the AVMA Council on Education’s decision on its full accreditation status in Fall 2018. Once Midwestern CVM is awarded full accreditation (the final and next step after “continuing provisional accreditation”), Midwestern will be eligible to participate in WICHE applicant rankings and will be eligible to enroll any WICHE students who are selected for PSEP support for fall 2019 enrollment. [NOTE: Midwestern CVM graduated its first class in May 2018 and had its final AVMA COE site visit in spring 2018.]

Oregon State University
College of Veterinary Medicine
Corvallis, OR

Washington State University
College of Veterinary Medicine
Pullman, WA