Leveraging Federal COVID-19 Relief Funding to Support Digital Learning

  • Timezone : US/Mountain
  • Date : April 25, 2022 1:00 PM Mountain Time
  • Meeting Type : Webinar

The pandemic has changed postsecondary education – likely in permanent ways. Digital learning, while certainly important before, has become a ubiquitous concept on campuses across the country. New technologies and research have identified ways to support students and drive better outcomes for their educational journey.

Establishing and improving effective digital learning resources (if done well) requires investment. With digital learning being a main tool in responding to the new normal of the pandemic, using available federal relief funds to invest in these resources and technologies can be a key strategy for institutions.

This webinar will bring together experts on federal policy and digital learning, as well as exemplar institutions who are taking advantage of the unique opportunities afforded by federal resources to move their campuses forward.

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