WICHE Workplan FY 2013


WICHE and its 15 member states work to improve access to higher education and ensure student success. Our student exchange programs, regional initiatives, and research and policy work allow us to assist constituents throughout the West and beyond. In fiscal 2013 WICHE’s four units – Programs and Services, Policy Analysis and Research, Mental Health Program, and WCET – will strive to assist the West’s institutions and students, focusing on five areas: finance; access and success; workforce and society; technology and innovation; and accountability. In the 2013 Workplan, we describe existing activities, as well as initiatives that are new directions or on the horizon, by unit. Along with a brief narrative of each project, we include its focus area/s; priority in terms of WICHE’s mission; funding source and amount; staffing level; timeline; organizational partners; and state institutional partners.


  • Year Published : 2012
  • Month Published : April
  • Media Type : pdf
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