Tuition and Fees in Public Higher Education in the West, 2010-2011: Detailed Tuition and Fees Tables


This report is the latest update of WICHE’s annual report on tuition and mandatory fees at public institutions in WICHE’s 15-state region, including an institution-by-institution historical review of tuition changes from year to year, as well as those from one, five, and ten years ago. In response to feedback from WICHE constituents, this year’s edition incorporates three significant changes: 1) the addition of enrollment-weighted tuition and fee averages by state; 2) the ability to download all data tables in excel format, most notably the tables that show each institutions’ tuition and fees charges; and 3) a reduction in the total number of data tables to eliminate redundancy and streamline the report. Appendix E provides more information regarding enrollment weighting. 


  • Year Published : 2010
  • Month Published : November
  • Media Type : pdf
  • Print Publication Number : 2A346H
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