State Approval Regulations for Distance Education: A ‘Starter’ List with Addendum


This compilation lists all of the agencies and regulations for each state relative to their approval process for out-of-state distance ed programs. The Department of Ed. has enacted legislation that schools must be in compliance by July 1. The need for approval is determined by the laws and regulations of each state, which vary significantly across the country. To assist institutions in finding and complying with these regulations, the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies, Southern Regional Education Board, American Distance Education Consortium, and the University of Wyoming formed a partnership. The addendum on the final page includes revisions from: Michigan,  New Jersey Commission on Higher Education, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania. Future revisions will be published by NCHEMS, with surveys of all state regulators and additional questions that were not included in the several surveys that have been sent out previously.


  • Year Published : 2011
  • Month Published : April
  • Media Type : pdf
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