WICHE Insights | Impact and Implications: Projections of Male & Female High School Graduates


WICHE released a 10th edition of Knocking at the College Door in December 2020. Visit knocking.wiche.edu to get the updated report and data. 

This publication,  a supplement to WICHE’s previous 9th edition of Knocking at the College Door report released in December 2016, aimed to advance the conversation on demographic changes and offer additional detail about trends that influence higher education decision-making. In this brief, the previously published national, regional, and state race/ethnicity projections were also disaggregated by student sex. These more-detailed projections further exposed the pervasiveness of gaps in graduation rates for minority males. As the nation and many states enter a period of declining numbers of youth, improving high school graduation rates among minority males is critical to increasing overall educational attainment.


  • Year Published : 2017
  • Month Published : September
  • Media Type : pdf
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