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  • The brief discusses promising new ideas and methods that states in WICHE's College Access Challenge Grant (CACG) Network are employing to increase the number of low-income students who are prepared to enroll and succeed in postsecondary education. The brief focuses on how Alaska, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming are utilizing partnerships with other entities, FAFSA completion programs, peer mentoring, and need-based financial aid in implementing their federally-funded CACG programs. 

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    Download: College Access Challenge Grant (CACG) Program

  • This report is the latest update of WICHE's annual report on tuition and mandatory fees at public institutions in WICHE's 15-state region, including an institution-by-institution historical review of tuition changes from year to year, as well as those from one, five, and ten years ago. Beginning with the 2010-11 and continuing this year, this report presents published tuition and fees amounts as averages both unweighted and weighted by full-time equivalent enrollments. Unlike unweighted averages, which treat each institution equally no matter how big or small it is, enrollment-weighted averages provide a truer estimate of the published price a typical student faces based on enrollment patterns. Appendix E provides more information regarding enrollment weighting.

  • October 31 - November 1, 2011
    Laie, Hawaii

  • This report presents information on the West’s progress in improving access to, success in, and financing of higher education.

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    Download: Benchmarks: WICHE Region 2011

  • In the face of dwindling state support to adequately fund higher education, we know we still need to produce more postsecondary graduates; and because we need to reach deeper into the low-income and minority communities to do so, controlling costs and keeping tuition affordable is critical. Along with challenging economic circumstances (and in some cases because of them), four issues have come to the forefront in the West, in addition to the key issue of productivity: performance funding; governance changes; accountability; and innovation. It is clear that the demands on our higher education systems and our institutions will continue to grow and that state funding levels will not keep pace.

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    Download: Crisis/Opportunity — WICHE 2011 Annual Report

  • Ensuring that all students – including those we have not served well traditionally – learn what they need to know so that they can be successful members of their communities is a major priority for WICHE and its units: Policy Analysis and Research, Programs and Services, Mental Health Program, WCET, and the Technology and Innovation initiative. In fiscal 2012 we’ll strive to assist the West’s institutions to find ways to help students not only to graduate but also to hit their marks when it comes to learning. Our work will focus on five areas: finance, access and success, workforce and society, technology and innovation, and accountability.

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    Download: Its All About Outcomes: WICHE 2012 Workplan