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WICHE is closely monitoring the outbreak of “SARS-CoV-2,” and the disease it causes, which has been named “coronavirus disease 2019” (abbreviated “COVID-19”). To inform and facilitate your response to a rapidly changing situation, WICHE has compiled the following set of resources, which will be updated as new information becomes available.

Accessible versions of legacy WICHE publications are available upon request. Please submit your request through the WICHE Accessibility Request Form.

WICHE PUBLICATIONS ARCHIVE 2014 and older—WICHE online publications posted prior to 2015; the publication list is top-down, sorted by year, with the most recent at the top.


  • WICHE 2016 Annual Report cover

    A Message from WICHE Chair Jeanne Kohl-Welles

    Fiscal year 2016 caps a period of significant accomplishments and notable transitions for WICHE.

    Fiscal year 2016 caps a period of significant accomplishments and notable transitions for WICHE. As chair of the organization’s 48-member Commission, I am pleased to report that WICHE is well positioned this year to build on its past successes in pursuit of new avenues of collaboration and support as members continue to foster strong partnerships among our states and institutions.

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  • WICHE Commission Meeting Agenda Book Cover



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  • Policy Insights October 2016 cover

    Challenges to closing the gap between findings from academic research and effective policymaking are not new, and they will not be solved overnight. However, as the entire education sector faces mounting pressure to provide high-quality education under tightening fiscal constraints, all while demonstrating improving student outcomes, the time may finally be right for a renewed spirit of collaboration between higher education researchers and policymakers. This Policy Insights is just one component of a partnership between the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) and the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) focused on how to better connect rigorous higher education October research and appropriate state-level policy.

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  • August 2016 Newscap Cover
    • WICHE President Joe Garcia begins his outreach to Western states.
    • Eleven institutions in Hawai‘i, Utah, and Wyoming to begin awarding Interstate Passport this fall.
    • Matt Freeman, Jim Hansen reappointed to WICHE Commission, and WCET Executive Council welcomes two new members.
    • Aspiring chief academic officers from WICHE states begin yearlong professional development program.
    • Registration now open for Interstate Passport webinars, WCET Annual Meeting, and workshop for state authorization compliance managers.
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  • Cover thumbnail of WICHE NewsCap Publication, June 2016
    • Joe Garcia assumes presidency of WICHE.
    • WICHE region’s Pacific Islands membership now includes Guam.
    • The latest data on college tuition and fees in Western states.
    • 31 new high-quality graduate programs available through WRGP.
    • Key elements of Interstate Passport Framework now in place.
    • New from WCET: distance education enrollment, open educational resources, academic integrity.
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  • WICHE Workplan 2017 Cover Thumbnail

    WICHE and its 16 member states and territories work collaboratively to expand educational access and excellence for their citizens. By promoting innovation, cooperation, resource sharing, and sound public policy, WICHE strengthens higher education’s contributions to our social, economic, and civic life.

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  • Tuition & Fees in the West 2015-16 cover graphic

    WICHE's Policy Analysis and Research unit has released a new Policy Insights summarizing our most recent survey of published tuition and fees prices in all public institutions in the West in 2015-16, state budget levels, higher education appropriations, state financial aid programs, college affordability and related college finance topics and news.

    The detailed tuition and fee rate data that are summarized in this Policy Insights brief are available here on the WICHE web site: http://wiche.edu/pub/tf, in PDF and Excel file form.

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  • WICHE Commission Meeting Agenda Book Cover

    Plenary Sessions (Presentations)

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  • Exploring,-Engaging,-and-Expanding-with-the-Adult-College-Completion-Network publication cover graphic
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  • March 2016 Newsletter cover graphic
    • Nearly 38,000 students benefitting from WICHE exchange programs in 2015-16.
    • Six new states now working on development of Interstate Passport.
    • WCET report looks at policies, practices affecting adjunct faculty teaching online.
    • ACCN webinar focuses on advising adult learners. 


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  • Statistical Report Academic Year 2015-16 Cover Graphic

    This report covers fall 2015 enrollments for WUE, WRGP, and PSEP. It details the funds that flow between students’ home states and the enrolling PSEP institutions that receive them and also provides detailed enrollment for participating WRGP programs and WUE institutions.




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  • January 2016 WICHE NewsCap Cover Graphic
    • Message from WICHE President David Longanecker
    • Upcoming summit, webinars focused on connecting credentials
    • 2015 WCET awards for eLearning leadership and innovation
    • Impact of high school mentoring programs in Alaska, Idaho
    • New WICHE Commission appointees


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  • Western Policy Exchange Publication cover graphic for "Stories from the Front Lines of Student Success:"

    This brief provides an overview of the implementation and impact of near peer mentoring programs in Alaska and Idaho from the standpoint of both existing research and the near peers themselves. In addition to offering strategies and promising practices that have helped foster a college-going culture in both states, the brief provides testimonials from mentors and the students they have served – students who might otherwise never considered college as an option without the extra support of a near peer or college guide.

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  • November 2015 NewsCap Cover Graphic
    • Joseph Garcia selected to succeed David Longanecker as WICHE president
    • WICHE Commission elects 2016 officers
    • WICHE awarded $2.99 million federal grant to expand Interstate Passport
    • Policy Insight: Forging stronger links between the public workforce system and postsecondary education
    • New cost-saving options for purchasing hardware products and services
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  • 2015 Legislative Insights Cover Graphic

    Targeted Recovery: Recapping 2015 Higher Education Legislative Activity in the West summarizes key policy themes over the past year and highlights emerging issues to watch in future legislative sessions. Affordability was the dominant theme of the 2015 sessions; in an attempt to address affordability, legislators in the WICHE region passed bills freezing or limiting tuition increases and increased need-based aid and even offered low-cost degrees in an effort to improve financial assistance opportunities for students.

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  • 2015-16 Tuition & Fees in the West cover graphic

    This report is the latest update of WICHE's annual report on tuition and mandatory fees at public institutions in the West, including a state-by-state and institution-by-institution historical review of tuition changes from year to year, as well as those from one, five, and ten years ago. This report presents published tuition and fees amounts as averages both unweighted and weighted by full-time equivalent enrollments. Unlike unweighted averages, which treat each institution equally no matter how big or small it is, enrollment-weighted averages provide a truer estimate of the published price a typical student faces based on enrollment patterns. Appendix E provides more information regarding enrollment weighting.

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    A Message from WICHE Chair Michael Rush

    The Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) was developed out of a time-tested practice in the West – neighbors helping neighbors to deal with the harsh realities of living and thriving in a vast frontier. The need for collaboration has not lessened in today’s world.

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