Exploring IPEDS Outcome Measures in the WICHE Region

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The IPEDS Outcome Measures data, released this past fall, begin to address known limitations with official college graduation rates—which have only represented college outcomes of “traditional” first-time students, while leaving out part-time and the many types of non-first-time students.

Now that the wider diversity of students is represented, this WICHE Insights brief observes important, even surprising trends about student outcomes, including:

  • A majority of public college undergraduates in the WICHE region were left out of those official graduation rate measures—including the vast majority of students at public community colleges.
  • Students in this first cohort who were not first-time at the tracking institution were more likely to achieve credentials than first-time students.

State-level data for WICHE-member states is available in a WICHE Fact Book data table titled Undergraduate Enrollment, Completion, and Transfer.

A parallel release on the WCET Frontiers blog addresses the importance of these findings for higher education institutions.