WICHE Commission Meeting Agenda Book - May 16-17, 2011

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May 16-17, 2011
San Francisco, California

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AGENDA Schedule at a Glance
TAB 1 Executive Committee Meeting (Open and Closed Sessions)
TAB 2 Committee of the Whole, Call to Order
TAB 3 Plenary Session I: What’s Up in the West? The Complete Agenda
TAB 4 Plenary Session II: Those Other Institutions
TAB 5 Lunch and Presentation
TAB 6 Plenary session III: The Vendors of Outsourced Education
TAB 7 Plenary session IV: Nexus Policy Research Center
TAB 8 Programs and Services Committee Meeting
TAB 9 Issue Analysis and Research Committee Meeting
TAB 10 Self-funded Units Committee Meeting
TAB 11 Committee of the Whole -- Business Session
TAB 12 Plenary Session V: Regulating the Other Institutions – State, Federal, and Accrediting Perspectives
TAB 13 Reference