PSEP | State Certifying Offices

To be considered for support through WICHE’s PSEP, you must apply for certification to your home state office. Check below for the different healthcare fields that your state supports, as well as your state officer’s contact information. Many of our states have posted their applications online, along with details about their residency requirements for eligibility and service payback obligations.

You must apply to your home state and become "certified" for consideration. Applicants must certify by Oct. 15th of the year prior to admission.  Most states do not accept late applications, but some do, so check with your home state office.

Veterinary (DVM) applicants strongly encouraged to certify before September 15th. NOTE: Montana has extended its veterinary medicine certification deadline to Oct. 15th.  

Although California, Guam, Idaho, Oregon, South Dakota and Washington are WICHE members, they do not support their residents through the Professional Student Exchange Program.



Fields supported: Dentistry, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, Podiatry

(Note: The Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education administers PSEP participation as a loan program funded by the Alaska Student Corporation.  Terms and conditions for the PSEP loan are set by regulation.)

Certifying Officer for Alaska
WICHE Student Exchange Program
Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education
P.O. Box 110505
Juneau, AK 99811-0505
Phone: (907) 465-6685
Fax: (907) 465-5316
Alaska PSEP Application and Details



Fields supported: Dentistry, Optometry, Osteopathic Medicine, Podiatry, Veterinary Medicine

Certifying Officer for Arizona
WICHE Student Exchange Program
Arizona Board of Regents
2020 North Central, Suite 230
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Phone: (602) 229-2563 or (602) 229-2500
Arizona PSEP Application and Details



Fields supported: Dentistry, Medicine (Allopathic), Occupational Therapy, Osteopathic Medicine, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, and Veterinary Medicine

Certifying Officer for CNMI
WICHE Professional Student Exchange Program
CNMI Scholarship Office
Caller Box 10000
Saipan, MP 96950
Phone: (670) 664-4750
Email or call the CNMI Scholarship Office for an application. Late applications are accepted until available funding for the cycle has been awarded. 


Fields supported: Optometry

Certifying Officer for Colorado
WICHE Student Exchange Program
Colorado Department of Higher Education
1600 Broadway, Suite 2000
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (303) 996-1320
Colorado PSEP Application and Details



Fields supported: Dentistry, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Physical Therapy, Veterinary Medicine

Certifying Officer for Hawaii
WICHE Student Exchange Program
Bachman Annex 9-6
2444 Dole Street
Honolulu, HI 96822
Phone: (808) 956-6625
Fax: (808) 956-5156
Hawaii PSEP Application and Details



Fields supported: Dentistry, Medicine (Allopathic), Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Osteopathic Medicine, Podiatry, Veterinary Medicine

Certifying Officer for Montana
Office/Commissioner of Higher Education
Montana University System
560 N. Park Avenue
PO Box 203201
Helena, MT 59620-3201
Phone: (406) 449-9153
Fax: (406) 449-9171
Montana PSEP Application and Details



Fields supported: Occupational Therapy*, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy (limited), Physician Assistant, Veterinary Medicine

* Nevada anticipates funding two new occupational therapy students per year, beginning AY 2017-18. The state is now accepting applications for students enrolled summer/fall 2017. However, funding for occupational therapy students is contingent upon the availability of annual funding; anticipated funding timeline for students enrolled summer/fall 2017 is May 2018.

Certifying Officer for Nevada
Nevada WICHE
Governor's Office of the Western Regional Higher Education Compact
100 N. Stewart, Suite 220
Carson City, NV 89701
Phone: (775) 687-0991
Fax: (775) 687-0990
Nevada PSEP Application and Details



Fields supported: Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine

Certifying Officer for New Mexico
WICHE Student Exchange Program
New Mexico Higher Education Department
2044 Galisteo Street, Suite 4
Santa Fe, NM 87505-2100
Phone: (505) 476-8412
Toll free: (800) 279-9777
Fax: (505) 476-6511
New Mexico PSEP Application and Details



Fields supported: Dentistry, Optometry, Veterinary Medicine

Certifying Officer for North Dakota
WICHE Student Exchange Program
North Dakota University System
State Capitol Building
Judicial Wing 1st Floor, Room 103
600 East Boulevard Avenue, Dept. 21
Bismarck, ND 58505-0602
Phone: (701) 328-2906
Fax: (701) 328-2979
North Dakota PSEP Application and Details



Fields supported: Optometry, Podiatry

Certifying Officer for Utah
WICHE Student Exchange Program
Utah System of Higher Education
The Gateway Center, 60 South 400 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84180-1284
Phone: (801) 321-7104
Fax: (801) 321-7199
Utah PSEP Application and Details



Fields supported: Dentistry, Medicine (Allopathic), Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Osteopathic Medicine, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, Podiatry, Veterinary Medicine

Certifying Officer for Wyoming
WICHE Student Exchange Program
1000 E. University Ave., Dept. 3432
Laramie, WY 82071
Phone: (307) 766-3499
Fax: (307) 766-6608
Wyoming PSEP Application and Details