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Making Students’ Jobs More Meaningful

October 29, 2017 - 4:30pm
Ryerson and Clemson Universities are among those helping students develop career skills in their campus gigs.
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Appointments, Resignations, Deaths (11/3/2017)

October 29, 2017 - 4:20pm
Iowa State University has named its agriculture dean as the next president. The University of Arizona Honors College has chosen a new dean.
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Impeachment of Black Student Leader Raises Uncomfortable Questions at Clemson U.

October 27, 2017 - 4:56pm
The vote comes one month after the student-government vice president led a protest during the Pledge of Allegiance.
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College of the Ozarks Now Requires Course in ‘Patriotic Education and Fitness’

October 27, 2017 - 4:33pm
Topics in the class at the small Christian college in Missouri include map reading, the formation of American government, and rifle marksmanship.
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A Radical College’s Public Meltdown

October 27, 2017 - 4:00pm
How a season of racial protests turned Evergreen State College’s self-examination into a national spectacle.
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In Faculty Job Searches, Partner’s ‘Movability’ Affects Women More Than Men

October 27, 2017 - 3:56pm
Search committees often consider a woman’s relationship status, but not a man’s, a study has found.
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U. of North Dakota Professor Resigns, Citing Rejection of Proposed Lectures on Pipeline Protests

October 27, 2017 - 3:13pm
The proposal, the second to be rejected, would have covered how the Standing Rock Tribe, which led the protests, was discussed on social media.
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Liberty U. President Says Trump Could Be ‘Greatest President Since Abraham Lincoln’

October 27, 2017 - 2:24pm
Jerry Falwell Jr., leader of the evangelical online-learning behemoth, continues to be the U.S. president’s closest ally in higher education.
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Candice Jackson on Campus Sex Assault: ‘We’re Not Asking Schools to Step In as Courts of Law’

October 26, 2017 - 4:34pm
The acting assistant secretary for civil rights spoke to a congressional task force as the Education Department weighs changes in Title IX policy.
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U. of Arkansas System Considers Changes to Ease Tenured-Faculty Firings

October 26, 2017 - 3:49pm
The university says the proposal is merely an effort to align with “current law and best practices.” Some professors say making collegiality a criterion in faculty evaluations is an attack on academic freedom.
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Clemson Student Leader, Who Sat During Pledge of Allegiance as Protest, Is Impeached

October 26, 2017 - 3:00pm
A university spokesman said the move to take action against Jaren Stewart began before he started protesting in solidarity with athletes who kneel during the playing of the national anthem.
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After Outcry, U. of Wisconsin Drops Plan to Suspend Admissions to 2-Year M.B.A. Program

October 26, 2017 - 1:01pm
With declines in applications at many American business schools, especially from abroad, students and alumni fear their programs will close.
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Supercomputers, a Status Symbol in Academe, Compete With the Cloud

October 26, 2017 - 12:44pm
For research universities, the machines confer big-league status. But in-house experts, who can guide researchers to the best computing options, are growing in esteem.
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Talking Teaching With Your Colleagues

October 26, 2017 - 9:38am
Discussions about teaching are often confined to the department level. But dialogue across disciplines can be fostered in unexpected ways.
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Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration Encourages Conversations About Teaching

October 26, 2017 - 9:38am
Discussions about teaching are often confined to the department level. But dialogue across disciplines can be fostered in unexpected ways.
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Advocate for Jewish Civil Rights Is Tapped to Lead Key Education Dept. Office

October 26, 2017 - 8:35am
Kenneth L. Marcus, president of the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law and a professor at Baruch College, has also criticized the department for overreaching on sexual harassment.
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Public Colleges Backslide on Access, Report Says

October 26, 2017 - 1:55am
With income inequality in the headlines, colleges are playing up their role as engines of opportunity. But a new report says some of those institutions now admit a smaller share of needy students than they did 20 years ago.
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UC-Davis Chancellor Seeks to Get Campus Past Scandals

October 25, 2017 - 5:41pm
Bad news from his predecessor’s rocky term in office keeps on coming, and the demand for change on campus hasn’t receded, says Gary May.
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What a Longtime JFK Scholar Expects From the Looming Document Release

October 25, 2017 - 5:15pm
The declassification of more than 3,000 files on JFK’s assassination might give rise to new conspiracy theories, but one professor believes the new documents will not solve any great mysteries.
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After an Alcohol-Soaked Retreat, Sexual-Harassment Complaints, and a Suicide, UC-Davis Faces a Lawsuit

October 25, 2017 - 11:30am
An administrator killed himself after two colleagues complained about his actions on a boozy work trip. His widow says the college is complicit in his death.
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