Behavioral Health Program

The WICHE Behavioral Health Program's Main Areas of Focus

  • Systems Improvement
  • Behavioral Health Workforce Development
  • Research, Data and Evaluation

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Supporting Solutions Across the West

What We do

The WICHE Behavioral Health Program is an organization dedicated to improving behavioral health systems of care in the West and beyond. By providing technical assistance, education, consulting and research services, the Program works to continually improve the qualifications of the behavioral health workforce.

Who We Are

The WICHE Behavioral Health Program employs a core staff of driven and passionate people, including psychologists, social workers, policy advocates, program evaluators, researchers, survey methodologists, and experts in the public behavioral health system. WICHE also recruits professional consultants with specific skills to enhance the scope of services offered.

Where We Came From

The Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education was established by Congress in 1953, after ratification by the legislatures of its 15 member states. In 1955, the WICHE Mental Health Program was officially established, with a mission that has remained consistent for more than half a century. Initiatives focus on the analysis and growth of the behavioral health workforce, as well as overall improvements in the public mental health system. Using a broad approach to workforce development, the Program’s various training efforts include professional staff enrichment and pre-professional staff training through applied public research and clinical practice. In addition, training is provided throughout the community to support consumer prevention, treatment and recovery efforts. The program also has a long history of delivering expert mental health services in rural areas.

How We Work

Through an Interstate Compact among its members, WICHE can undertake work on a state’s behalf through special intergovernmental agreements. Specific benefits of this regional collaboration help to increase efficiency, networking and information sharing for common goals.

Markets We Serve

  • Public Behavioral Health Systems
  • Rural Behavioral Health
  • Rural Primary Care
    - Behavioral Health Integration
  • Public Education and Training

Our Clients

  • U.S. Federal, State, and Local
  • Governments
  • State Public Behavioral Health Authorities
  • Department of Defense and Military
  • Organizations
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Higher Education Institutions

Our Capabilities

  • Needs Assessment, Action Planning, and Policy Development
  • Project Management, Implementation, and Technical Assistance
  • Program Evaluation, Survey Collection and Analysis, and Data Improvement
  • Community Capacity Building
  • Curriculum Development and Training

Our Expertise

  • Suicide Prevention in Rural Primary Care
  • Rural Psychology Internship Consortium Development
  • Integrated Care: Primary Health Care and Behavioral Health – Rural Settings and College Campuses
  • Systems of Care for Children and Families
  • Returning Service Member and Veterans Issues
  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Grantwriting
  • Rural Behavioral Health Workforce Development
  • Program Evaluation
  • Prevalence and Unmet Behavioral Health Need
  • State Psychiatric Hospital Structure and Efficiency Outcome Measures