Vice President of Instruction

Job Details

  • Position Title : Vice President of Instruction
  • Job Type : Full Time
  • Institution/Organization : Clark College
  • Location (city, state) or remote : Vancouver, WA
  • Published Date :

Clark College seeks an enthusiastic visionary leader to serve as Vice President of Instruction (VPI).

The VPI serves as the senior academic officer of the institution. As the senior academic officer, the Vice President of Instruction assumes responsibility for the comprehensive academic landscape, encompassing credit and non-credit program development and assessment, teaching and learning evaluation, faculty appointment, professional development, performance assessment, tenure processes, and formulation of academic policies and procedures. The incumbent should demonstrate unwavering commitment to academic and institutional excellence, prioritizing student success, and actively working towards the elimination of equity gaps.

This pivotal role requires effective collaboration as a team player and a dedicated member of the president’s executive cabinet. The VPI is expected to maintain a visible and approachable presence for faculty and academic deans. Successful candidates will contribute to a dynamic educational environment, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within the institution.

Nominations and completed applications must be submitted electronically (MS Word or PDF format) to Dr. Preston Pulliams at

Additional information can be found here.