Forum Executive Committee

Executive Committee of the Forum

The Western Academic Leadership Forum is governed by an executive committee comprised of 15 individuals, with one selected from the members’ official representatives in each state. This group has oversight responsibility for all of the activities of the Forum. It meets face-to-face in the fall to plan the annual meeting and quarterly by conference call.

The committee is governed by a Chair with overall leadership responsibility for activities of the Forum and a Vice Chair who is responsible for the program at the annual meeting. The program chair usually assumes the position of Chair at the conclusion of that meeting.

WICHE serves as the fiscal agent.

Karen Carey Alaska
Karen Carey
University of Alaska Southeast
Gail Burd Arizona
Gail Burd
University of Arizona
Loren Blanchard California
Loren Blanchard
California State University Office of the Chancellor
Vicki Golich

Vicki Golich
Metropolitan State University of Denver

Don Straney

Donald Straney
University of Hawai'i System

Laura Woodworth-Ney Idaho
Laura Woodworth-Ney
Idaho State University
Brock Tessman Montana
Brock Tessman
Montana University System
Joe Cline Nevada
David Shintani
University of Nevada, Reno
Dan Howard New Mexico
Greg Fant
New Mexico State University
Debbie Storrs North Dakota
Debbie Storrs
University of North Dakota
Veronica Dujon Oregon
Veronica Dujon
State of Oregon: Higher Education Coordinating Commission
Paul Turman South Dakota
Jay Perry
South Dakota Board of Regents
Greg Benson Utah
Greg Benson
Utah System of Higher Education
Renny Christopher Washington
Renny Christopher
Washington State University Vancouver
Kate Miller Wyoming
Kate Miller
University of Wyoming