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Forum Past Annual Meetings

2021 Webinar Series

This webinar series, themed “The New World of Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunities of COVID-19,” occurred during the 2020-21 pandemic.

2020 Webinar Series

2019 Meeting

Themed “A Place for All? Belonging in Higher Education,” this meeting took place April 24-26 in Boulder, CO.  The program looked to raise questions about and propose solutions for enhancing the sense of belonging for all who live and work in higher education.

2018 Meeting

Themed “Breaking Through the Noise, Messaging for Maximum Impact,” this meeting took place April 25-27 in Vancouver, Wash.  The program looked to the present and future of higher education and focused on improving storytelling for multiple audiences (students, legislators, faculty) through channels ranging from face-to-face to social media and online education platforms.

2017 Meeting

Themed “Designing for Quality in Higher Education Facet by Facet”, this meeting took place April 2017 at the Sheraton Salt Lake City Hotel in Utah.