W-SARA Regional Steering Committee (RSC)

A coordinated regional approach to the state-level administration of SARA

The W-SARA RSC’s key functions include evaluating and determining whether WICHE states and territories that apply to and participate in SARA demonstrate adequate capacity and sufficient standards for membership and oversight of institutions under SARA. The RSC also serves as a regional platform for the consideration of emerging SARA- and distance education-related issues, as a forum to bring state and regional issues to the attention of the NC-SARA Board and leadership, as well as to support the professional development of its members.

Alicia Armijo (Vice Chair)
Constituent Services Coordinator &
New Mexico NC-SARA Coordinator
Legal Division
New Mexico Higher Education Department
Lanna Dueck
Executive Director
Arizona SARA Council
Katie Hubbart (Chair)
Academic Affairs Specialist
South Dakota SARA Coordinator
South Dakota Board of Regents
Tamara Baysinger (Immediate Past Chair)
State Authorization Manager
Idaho State Board of Education
Veronica Dujon
Director, Office of Private Postsecondary Education
Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission
Sam Loftin 
Director of Consumer Protection
Washington Student Achievement Council
Terina Caserto
Senior Analyst, Academic and Student Affairs
Nevada System of Higher Education
Tyler Eggen
Institutional Authorization Program Coordinator
Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education
Jayson Horiuchi
Program Administrator
Hawai’i Postsecondary Education Authorization Program
Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs
Heather DeLange 
Director – Office of Private Postsecondary Education
Colorado Department of Higher Education
Cynthia “Cyd” Grua
Assistant Commissioner, Academic Affairs
Utah System of Higher Education
Hannah Tokerud
Associate Legal Counsel
Montana University System
Rob Dennis
Chief Operating Officer
Wyoming Community College Commission

W-SARA Staff

Molly Hall-Martin

Director, W-SARA, Policy Analysis and Research



Shelley Plutto

Project Manager, W-SARA, Policy Analysis and Research