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The Western Academic Leadership Forum (Forum) established the Western Academic Leadership Academy (Academy) to provide a unique professional development opportunity for talented individuals at member institutions interested in advancing to the chief academic leadership level. They also wanted to ensure that there would be a trained pool of individuals in the pipeline from which to draw candidates for temporary and permanent positions at member institutions, systems, and state agencies.

Academy alumni are encouraged to keep their titles and affiliations current by contacting Kay Hulstrom (khulstrom@wiche.edu) to make changes in their listing.

2023 Academy Cohort

James Ahern, Estee Aiken, Jerry Anhorn, Laurie Baefsky, Darcy Briggs, Russell Brodie, Leslie Durham, Amy Fuqua, Cynthia Hill, Melanie Hulbert, Diane Kelly-Riley, Alyssa Kiesow, Dave Mickey, Dawn Richardson, Molly Secor, Kim Weismann, Nicki Yackley-Franken, Ryan Zerr

2022 Academy Cohort

Jo Daugherty Bailey, Amber Donnelli, Christy Doyle, Erin Fouberg, Amy Juhala, Karie Kennedy, Barbara Kleinjan,
Britney Mower, Barbara Rodríguez, Brian Small, Lisa Snyder, Scott Snyder, Durward Sobek II, Hope Szypulski, Joe Thiel, Mari Volk

2021 Academy Cohort

Pam Carriveau, Fred Chilson, Jose Coll, Maren Haavig, Christian Hardigree, Jill Heaton, Bill Henry, Cindy Juntunen,
Todd Rosenstiel, Shaun Schafer, Gwen Sharp, David Shintani, Trevor Speller, Sarah Vandermark

2019 Academy Cohort

Jenn Capps, Lyle Castle, Tamela Eitle, Susan Kalina, Claudia Lampman, David Lehmpuhl, David McAvity, Janice Nerger,
Andrea Romero, Kris Roney, Alan Rosenfeld, Sarah Shannon, Tom Thornton, Joanne Tokle, Rossitza Wooster

2018 Academy Cohort

2018 Academy Cohort and Faculty
2018 Cohort & Faculty
1st Row: Stacey Pearson, Karen Marrongelle, Shannon Campbell, Sona Andrews, Karen Moranski, Renny Christopher, Ginger Carney, Ali Carr-Chellman
2nd Row: David Hassenzahl, Tony Roark, Tammi Vacha-Haase, Michael Kruger, Lakshmi Reddi, Kevin Moore, Laura Woodworth-Ney
3rd Row: Sam Gingerich, Ranjit Koodali, Joshua Hagen, Carrie Vath, Marvin Lynn, Jeff Holm, Dan Howard, Scott Marshall

2017 Academy Cohort

2017 Academy Cohort participants

2016 Academy Cohort

2016 Academy Cohort