Our Visual Identity

Download the WICHE logos

There are several variations of the WICHE logo to choose from, depending on context, color, and spacing.


  • Use the combomark with full name in each first instance or in cases where WICHE is not well known.
  • Use the combomark or wordmark in internal instances or in cases where WICHE is well known or in cases where the logotype would be too small to be legible.
  • Use the icon in cases where only a graphic representation of WICHE is necessary.


  • Avoid placing other elements too close to the logo.
  • Do not reproduce the logo in any other colors other than blue, black, or white.
  • Do not place any other graphic elements over or behind the logo.
  • Do not stretch or manipulate the logo.
  • Do not place the logo on a busy or low-contrasting background.


WICHE color palette

The WICHE color palette uses the WICHE Blue color as its primary color, and a complementary yellow as an accent color. When necessary, the monochromatic light blue tint and dark blue shade should be used to add variety to the standard blue. Gray should be used minimally for neutral lines and shapes.

HEX: #005ca6
CMYK: 100/68/4/0
PMS: 2935 C

WICHE Yellow
HEX: #f5bd16
CMYK: 2/36/100/0
PMS: 7408 C

WICHE Light Blue
HEX: #0098d6
CMYK: 77/25/0/0
PMS: 2925 C 

WICHE Dark Blue
HEX: #0a3a5f
CMYK: 100/78/36/29
PMS: 2955 C

HEX: #7a848b
CMYK: 55/41/38/5
PMS: 430 C

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