Regional Factbook for Higher Education in the West

WICHE Policy Analysis and Research Mission:

The Policy Analysis and Research unit offers a variety of policy and information resources to support better informed decision making, principally at the state level. The unit is involved in a number of research projects and collaborative initiatives that focus on college completion: adult learners; multistate data-sharing to support educational planning and workforce development; and other critical areas. WICHE staff serve as a useful resource on a number of higher education issues, including state and federal financial aid, finance, articulation and transfer, the Common Core State Standards, and various college completion initiatives. Its publication series, including Policy Insights and Western Policy Exchanges, explore a wide range of significant policy issues. The unit also undertakes major, long-term grant-funded projects, collaborates with other regional and national organizations, and provides short-term technical assistance to members.


Policy Indicators for Higher Education — WICHE States

Regional Factbook for Higher Education in the West

WICHE's electronic fact book, Policy Indicators for Higher Education: WICHE States, presents regional as well as state-by-state data with analyses on several fiscal, demographic, economic, and social indicators important to policymakers, educators, and researchers in the West. These indicators will be updated periodically as new data become available.

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Last updated
Download Results from the 2003 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) of 15-Year-Olds in Reading, Mathematics, and Science Literacy  December-09
Download Average Scale Scores for National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) by State, 8th Grade  December-09
Download Percent of High Schools in Advanced Placement Program by State November-08
Download Advanced Placement Program Exam Fee Reductions January-07
Download Advanced Placement Program Participants by Race/Ethnicity  November-08
Download SAT I and ACT Average Scores and Number of Exam Takers by Race/Ethnicity January-07
Download State Course Credit Requirements and Exit Exam for High School Graduation Core Academic Subjects January-07
Download Percentage of Public High School Completers as a Proportion of the Number of 9th Graders Four Years Earlier  November-2008
Download Actual and Projected Number of High School Graduates November-08
Download Freshmen and Sophomores Who Took Remedial Courses, by Institutional Type August-05


Download The Cost of College vs. The Cost of Prison December-04


Download Average Annual Faculty Salaries and Benefits, Public Two-Year Institutions August-05
Download Average Annual Faculty Salaries and Benefits by Rank, Public Baccalaureate/Master’s Institutions August-05
Download Average Annual Faculty Salaries and Benefits by Rank, Public Research/Doctoral Institutions August-05
Download Percent Change in Faculty by Race/Ethnicity, Status, and Institutional Type August-05
Download Percent Change in Faculty by Gender and Institutional Type August-05
Download Distribution of Part-Time and Full-Time Faculty by Institutional Type December-08


Download Degrees Conferred and Average Annual Openings for Elementary and Secondary Teachers and Special Education Teachers  August-05
Download Degrees Conferred and Average Annual Openings for Nurses  August-05
Download Projections of Employment Demand and Average Annual Openings for College and University Faculty  August-05
Download High Tech Associate and Bachelor’s Degrees Conferred August-05
Download Change in Total Employment and Selected Industry Sectors August-05
Download Ten Occupations Requiring at Least an Associate Degree and Projected to Have the Largest Numerical Growth August-05


Download Annual Percent Change in State Tax Revenues January-07
Download Indicators of Economic Conditions December-04
Download December Unemployment Rates (Seasonally Adjusted) of the Civilian Labor Force January-05
Download Children Under 18 Living with Parents Below Poverty January-05
Download Number and Percent of Individuals Living Below Poverty Level by Age, 2002 January-05