The Interstate Passport

About the Passport

The Interstate Passport is a grassroots-originated effort by academic leaders in the WICHE states to advance policies and practices supporting friction-free transfer for students in the region. Under the umbrella of this initiative are a set of related regional projects. Participation at the institution, system, or state levels is purely voluntary. Institutions may choose to participate in some projects, not in others, or none at all. WICHE serves as the facilitator for this initiative.

The idea for the Interstate Passport arose out of a discussion by the members of the executive committee of the Western Alliance of Community College Academic Leaders (the Alliance) in July 2010. These members expressed concern about the difficulties their community college students face in transferring to four-year institutions. Sometimes these students have to repeat courses they have already taken, or take additional courses to satisfy lower-division general education requirements, costing them additional time and money. The committee suggested that a new transfer framework was needed—one that focused on learning outcomes, rather than contact hours. They asked that WICHE convene a meeting of the academic leaders in the Western states to discuss this idea.

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