North American Network of Science Labs Online

An Innovator in Delivering Creative Science Solutions Online

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NANSLO is an international consortium enabling access to high-quality, modular, openly licensed course ware, integrating immersive web-based labs with software, video and robotics for the study of science courses.


These creative science solutions allow students that might not otherwise have the opportunity to take science courses, the ability to access and perform sophisticated experiments remotely.

NANSLO currently has three Nodes where remote web-based science labs are hosted – in Colorado, Montana, and British Columbia.

All institutions using NANSLO lab activities have access to the NANSLO Scheduling System, allowing faculty and students, from across the country and internationally, to access NANSLO labs in an intuitive, automated process.

NANSLO currently has the following 25 lab activities available for use or ready for review. 


Allied Health

Allied Health

Allied Health



All labs noted here are subject to Creative Commons CC BY Attribution 3.0 United States License 3. See RWSL Lab Activities for a full list of all completed labs, labs ready for review, or in development.

See What We Do for more information about NANSLO.

See Creative Science Solutions for more complete information on NANSLO Nodes, what remote web-based science labs are, and information about the NANSLO Scheduling System.

NANSLO is currently participating in the Consortium for Healthcare Education Online (CHEO) initiative funded by a U.S. Department of Labor TAACCCT grant. 

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