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Native American Studies Representatives Explore Collaboration through WICHE ICE

Photo of Native American Studies RepresentativesFaculty and administrators from Native American Studies (NAS) programs at institutions in five WICHE states (ID, MT, NM, OR, WY) met in Boulder, October 17-18, to discuss ways they could use WICHE ICE to make more online courses in NAS content areas available to their students. The group explored interests in sharing extra capacity in existing online courses as well as collaborating in the development of future certificates and concentrations to be offered online. Ongoing discussions are planned and other institutions with NAS programs are invited to join in.  Contact Pat Shea, ICE Director, for more information.

Pictured from left to right: Jeff Sanders, Montana State University-Billings; Arthur Taylor, University of Idaho; Miriam Chaiken, New Mexico State University; Janine Hansen, Montana State University; Tim Rush, University of Wyoming; Kristin Ruppel, Montana State University; Robert Elliott, University of Oregon. Not pictured: Scott Seville, University of Wyoming; Christi Boggs, University of Wyoming; Pat Shea, WICHE


The Time Is Right for the Internet Course Exchange

With the economic downturn pushing academic leaders to find new ways to provide high quality courses and programs with shrinking budgets, WICHE’s Internet Course Exchange (ICE) stands at the ready to provide cost-effective and innovative solutions. Read more about how WICHE ICE provides solutions to shrinking budgets in the whitepaper The Time is Right for the Internet Course Exchange.

Attention, Faculty!

Use ICE to work with your colleagues at other institutions

Do you teach online? Do your colleagues at other institutions teach the same or complementary courses? Would you like to work with them to expand the number of online courses in your discipline or partner to increase the frequency that certain online courses are offered? Would you like to develop and teach a new online course in a special interest, but you don’t have enough student demand at your institution? Would you like to collaborate with faculty at other institutions to develop a new online program and share students?

Online learning has ushered in a new era where no institution needs to be an island. Do you know if your campus is already involved with ICE? Take a look at the list of Steering Board members and Program Information Coordinators. If your institution is not a member yet, find out how ICE can support your collaboration with colleagues and provide students with more online learning opportunities! Read how ICE works for faculty, browse through faculty FAQs, or check out the faculty perspective above.  

If you are interested in developing a new online program, learn about some of the collaborative initiatives already in place or in the planning stage. Contact us for more information about how to get involved in these or an initiative of your own!

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