Workforce Briefs

Over the 2006-16 decade, total employment is projected to increase by 15.6 million jobs, or 10 percent. The labor force filling these jobs, while becoming more racially and ethnically diverse, is projected to grow more slowly than in the past. This slowdown in the growth of the labor force is expected, in part, because of the aging and retiring of baby boomers. As a result, the need to replace workers who retire or leave the labor force for other reasons--called replacement needs--is projected to create a significant number of additional job openings. Service-providing industries will generate almost all of the employment gain from 2006 to 2016 and will provide more than three-quarters of all jobs in 2016. Professional and business services and health care and social assistance, the industry sectors with the largest employment growth, will add 8.1 million jobs, more than half of the projected increase in total employment. (taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2007)

The WICHE mental health staff is in the process of creating Workforce Briefs for each of the WICHE states that explain each state's workforce "condition" and future employement projections in the behavioral health field.