• Suzanne Benally

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    Director, Native Serving Institutions Initiative
    Programs and Services
  • Margo Colalancia

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      Margo Colalancia (WICHE) directs WICHE’s three student access programs – the Professional Student Exchange Program, the Western Regional Graduate Program, and the Western Undergraduate Exchange – which provide a broad range of higher education options for more than 42,000 students. Prior to her current position she served as the associate project director for a trinational consortium of Mexican, Canadian and U.S. universities and colleges. She holds a bachelor's degree in business French from the University of Colorado and the Université de Bordeaux III, and a master's degree in international policy studies with an emphasis in intercultural communication from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Prior to her graduate studies, Colalancia spent seven years in Gabon, Central Africa, teaching English as a foreign language with the Peace Corps and on private contract with the Gabonese Ministry of Education.

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    Director of Student Access Programs
    Programs and Services
  • Anna Galas

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    Program Manager, Interstate Passport
    Programs and Services
  • Kay Hulstrom

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    Manager, Institution Services
    Programs and Services
  • Jere Mock

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      Jere J. Mock is vice president of Programs and Services at the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education in Boulder, Colorado. She oversees WICHE's regional student access programs that expand access to higher education at some 200 institutions for more than 42,500 students and help develop the West's workforce. The programs include the Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP), Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP), Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE), and Online Course Exchange (ICE). She also oversees externally-funded regional initiatives that foster college and university collaborations to enhance students' educational opportunities, increase institutional effectiveness, and enable institutions to reduce their administrative costs and offer expanded services to students. Some of these initiatives include the Western Academic Leadership Forum, Western Alliance of Community College Academic Leaders, Western Academic Leadership Academy, Interstate Passport, and WICHE's Native-Serving Institutions Initiative. Mock also directs WICHE's collaborations with the Midwestern Higher Eduction Compact to offer cost savings to institutions and systems, including a property insurance and risk management consortium, the Master Property Program; MHECare, a student health insurance initiative; MHEC tech, a collaborative purchasing program to reduce costs on a range of technology products and services, and a cyber-insurance program. Prior to joining WICHE in 1988, she was executive director of a regional telecommunications company's corporate philanthropy through the seven-state Mountain Bell Foundation, headquartered in Denver, and earlier she worked in public relations and government affairs at Mountain Bell. She received her bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Colorado, Boulder; a master's of public administration with an emphasis on policy analysis from the University of Colorado, Denver; and a master's of business administration with an emphasis in finance from Regis University. She serves on the boards of several nonprofit organizations.

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    Vice President
    Programs and Services
  • Kim Nawrocki

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    Coordinator, Student Access Programs and Events
    Programs and Services
  • Angela Rochat

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    Data, Policy, and Evaluation Coordinator
    Programs and Services
  • Pat Shea

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      Patricia (Pat) Shea directs three membership-based academic leadership and innovation organizations for the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE).  These are the WICHE Internet Course Exchange, the Western Academic Leadership Forum, and the Western Alliance of Community College Academic Leaders. In addition, she directs WICHE’s involvement in three regional collaborative projects: the North American Network of Science Labs Online (NANSLO), the Consortium for Healthcare Education Online (CHEO), and the Interstate Passport Initiative. Prior to serving in this position, Shea served as the assistant director of WCET, also based at WICHE, for which she conducted research in best practices in student services online. Before joining WICHE in 1996, Shea held several positions in Alexandria, VA, including Manager for Special Projects, Technology Division, the National School Boards Association; Director for Information Services, the Association of Telemessaging Services International; and Executive Director, the Alexandria Bar Association. She holds a M.A. in Educational Administration and Supervision from George Mason University.

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    Director, Academic Leadership Initiatives
    Programs and Services
  • Kate Springsteen

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    Member and Education Services Coordinator, Interstate Passport
    Programs and Services
  • Emma Tilson

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    Administrative Coordinator
    Programs and Services
    Administrative Coordinator