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Research and Technical Assistance Associate
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Hannah Koch is a Research and Technical Assistance Associate with the WICHE Mental Health Program and is also a licensed psychologist. She earned her bachelor's degree with honors at the University of Chicago in psychology and biological sciences and her doctorate at the University of Denver's Graduate School of Professional Psychology with a focus area in couples therapy and systems theory. Dr. Koch's work with the WICHE Mental Health Program includes a variety of behavioral health research initiatives, including evaluating evidence based programs such as Assertive Community Treatment and campus sexual violence prevention. Dr. Koch has worked in a variety of clinical settings with varied populations, including clients with severe and persistent mental illness at a community mental health center and patients with blood cancers at the University of Colorado Hospital. Dr. Koch has extensive experience in university counseling centers. Through her work at the University of Colorado Boulder Counseling and Psychological Services and the University of Denver Health and Counseling Center, Dr. Koch gained experience in both crisis intervention and outreach, including creating and implementing healthy relationships programming. She also served as a research project coordinator for a nation-wide study of romantic relationship development and assisted with a study investigating family stability over time. Dr. Koch is a trained victim advocate for sexual assault survivors, and her primary research interests are in healthy romantic relationship development. Dr. Koch is also adjunct faculty at the University of Denver where she teaches several graduate-level courses in clinical interventions.