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The Important Role of Registrars and Institutional Researchers

Interstate Passport provides a program to facilitate the transfer of student learning between higher education member institutions and to improve graduation rates among member institutions. The program also conducts research in the field of higher education, namely, reviewing and providing analysis of transfer students’ performance data for quality assurance. Interstate Passport focuses on lower-division general education, the common denominator among most institutions—concentrating on it as a whole, not on individual courses—and allows for a cross-border “match” of outcomes-integrated general education for block transfer. 

Interstate Passport is a grassroots effort that originated with academic leaders in the WICHE states to develop policies and practices supporting friction-free transfer for students between institutions in the WICHE region. Students who achieve the Passport Learning Outcomes in the general education block, and who transfer to another Passport institution, will not have to repeat or perform additional academic work to meet general education requirements. The Registrars play a vital role in this process as they are responsible for awarding the Passport and tracking the progress of Passport students.

An essential component of Interstate Passport is the data collection and tracking process that will provide information on the performance of Passport students for use in continuous improvement efforts by Interstate Passport network member institutions and for evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the Passport framework. Passport institution registrars and institutional researchers have been key players in designing and implementing this process. As the transition to the Clearinghouse gets underway, the input and recommendations of Passport registrars and institutional researchers are crucial.

Passport registrars and institutional researchers will track students who earn the Passport and notify those students; track students that transfer to your institution with the Passport; submit data to the National Student Clearinghouse at the end of each term; and receive annual reports about the performance of Passport students after transfer. 

See, Resources & Responsibilities of Registrars/Institutional Researchers

Handbook for Registrars and Institutional Researchers (May 2017) - PDF Version

Handbook for Registrars and Institutional Researchers (May 2017) - Word Version

This handbook is a valuable tool for Passport registrars and IR staff. It provides background information on the project as well as detailed descriptions of the specific tasks and responsibilities of registrars and institutional researchers, guiding principles, and the data elements for data collection. The Handbook will be updated as necessary as the project continues to expand and as processes expand.

Interstate Passport Data Management Plan

The Passport Data Management Plan is integral to the success and scalability of the Interstate Passport Network. The plan provides details on data management, descriptions, sharing, privacy, security and rights and is considered a working document that may change over time.

The design of Interstate Passport includes three important standard services involving student data: the ability for (1) receiving institutions to verify that a transfer student has earned a Passport at his/her sending institution and when; (2) sending institutions to learn about the academic success of their former students to use in continuous improvement efforts; and (3) the Passport Review Board to make informed decisions about Passport operations and policies based on aggregated information. The full report provides detailed information on the data collection and submission processes. Download the full report here .

Members of Advisory Committee for Registrars/Institutional Researchers address problems, questions and concerns for registrars and IR staff at Passport institutions. See the member list at here.

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