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Project Reports

Handbook for Academic Advisors and Marketing Communications Staff

2015-2016 Passport Annual Report

Faculty Handbook: Constructing Your Institution's Passport Block (March 2017 Edition)

This handbook is designed for faculty members at new and prospective Passport institutions. It describes the process for constructing your institution’s Passport Block. The handbook offers the steps to be followed and includes examples of current Passport Blocks and a sample worksheet. The appendices include a Glossary of Terms, and the matrices for all nine Passport knowledge and skill areas with Features, Passport Learning Outcomes, and Proficiency Criteria.

Faculty Handbook: Creating the Passport Learning Outcomes and Transfer-Level Proficiency Criteria

Faculty from the Passport institutions, through an interstate negotiation process, developed the Passport Learning Outcomes and Proficiency Criteria in nine knowledge and skill areas. This Faculty Handbook serves as a comprehensive guide to the process and to the overall project. The handbook describes the specific role and tasks of faculty, and includes descriptions of the nine Passport knowledge and skill areas. The handbook also provides information about the Passport tracking process, Passport applications, and the Passport Review Board. 

The Role of the Faculty

Only faculty have the experience and expertise to determine what learning outcomes should result from general education. By gathering faculty together for conversations about student learning, we find much common ground about objectives and outcomes across disciplines and between institutions. Faculty engagement is crucial to the development of an Interstate Passport program and we are asking for your help and expertise. 

Handbook for Registrars and Institutional Researchers (November 2016)

This new handbook is a valuable tool for Passport registrars and IR staff. It provides background information on the project as well as detailed descriptions of the specific tasks and responsibilities of registrars and institutional researchers, guiding principles, and the data elements for data collection. The Handbook will be updated as necessary as the project continues to evolve and expand.

Passport Process Model

Project Research

Successful Student Transfer: A Key Building Block of the Completion Agenda (November 2014) 

This paper concentrates on providing a high-level overview of today’s transfer marketplace, including its general characteristics and impact on degree completion. It looks at how the Interstate Passport Initiative's new block transfer framework can streamline the transfer process for lower-division general education, providing benefits to both students and institutions. And, it highlights how the results of the Passport and other state and national initiatives addressing academic quality may help transfer students have coherent learning experiences that ensure their academic progress.

Interstate Passport Initiative: A Policy Brief on Phase I (January 2014)

The Interstate Passport Initiative, launched in October 2011 as a regional project of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE), addresses the problems of interstate student transfer. In the two-year pilot project (Phase I), working with 23 institutions in five Western state – California, Hawaii, North Dakota, Oregon and Utah- the initiative has produced a new transfer framework that is based on learning outcomes.

Student Transfer Patterns in the WICHE States: A Look at the Fall 2006 Cohort (January 2013)

This report presents context and background of the Interstate Passport Initiative by examining the student transfer picture of the fall 2006 cohort in the 15 WICHE states (Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawai’i, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming).

Interactive Site: Student Transfer Data on all WICHE States, 2006-2010 

Overview of State Policies on Lower-­division General Education Core in the WICHE States

This documents provides an overview on the current policies around the lower-division general education core in the WICHE states and presents the general education credits required in each state. By examining the existing policies and conducting our pilot project, we hope to highlight particular policies or practices that may be effective models for exploration and replication by other states, identify where some strategies might need to change in order to support the new transfer framework, and pinpoint likely places where the Passport Initiative may be expanded.

General Education Policies in the WICHE States