Interstate Passport

Phase I/Proof of Concept

Phase I of the Interstate Passport launched in October 2011 and was completed in September 2013. Twenty-three institutions in five WICHE states—California, Hawaii, North Dakota, Oregon, and Utah— participated. During this phase we tested the application process as well as the process for developing the Passport Learning Outcomes and Proficiency Criteria for three lower-division areas (oral communication, written communication, and quantitative literacy).

Pilot State Facilitators oversaw the project in each state, working with faculty and administrators at the participating institutions to create the learning outcomes and proficiency criteria, to collect information, and to solicit feedback on all Passport documents and processes. Project staff – the Principal Investigator, Pilot State Coordinator, and Project Manager – coordinated and managed all activities.

For specific information related to Phase I of the Interstate Passport, please follow these links:

Myron Allen, Forum chair
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