Interstate Passport


The Task Force on Student Tracking, comprised of two committees—one consisting of registrars and the second consisting of institutional research staff—began work in July 2012 to consider options for two aspects of the project:

  1. Ways for a sending institution to signify on a student’s record that he or she has achieved the learning outcomes in the Interstate Passport Gen Ed Core Block so that this requirement is recognized as fulfilled by a participating receiving institution. This transfer is based on learning outcomes, not credits. 
  2. Ways for participating receiving institutions to track Passport student success and compare it with that of students transferring without the Passport and with native students.  Receiving institutions would send reports to sending institutions so that they are made aware of the performance of their former students and can make adjustments in the preparation of future students if it is deemed to be warranted.

Registrar Committee

In undertaking this work, the Task Force’s Registrar Committee was informed by background information related to the transcript and student record from the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO). According to AACRAO, the transcript is an extract of a student’s record which reflects his or her academic performance at an institution. Items considered essential for inclusion on a transcript are academic activities that result in credits, grades and credentials, such as degrees. 

Following a series of conference calls, the committee developed a set of recommendations for registrars on how to indicate on a student’s record that the Passport has been attained. The first and primary recommendation states:

Institutions indicate that a student has achieved the Passport by choosing to use one or more of the following options as preferred by the registrar:

  • Adding a comment on the transcript using a standard format.
  • Posting a pseudo course on the transcript.
  • Creating an additional record to accompany a transcript.

A thorough analysis of these options, along with the remaining recommendations of the task force, can be reviewed in the Task Force document, Guidelines for Registrars.

Institutional Research Committee

A committee of institutional representatives from the pilot institutions was assembled to address the issue of tracking Passport students. The group met in Boulder in July 2013 to discuss the types of reports to be generated by a Central Data Repository (CDR), the data elements required for each report from both sending and receiving institutions, and development of the reporting templates to be used by institutions with Passport students. Utah State University served as the Passport Central Data Repository for Phase I of the project.

The committee’s plan for tracking Passport student success, including institutional responsibilities, data collection, and CDR reports, can be reviewed in Responsibilities of Passport Institutions and Passport Tracking System.



Institutional Research Committee

Joseph Diaz
Director, Institutional Research
Salt Lake Community College

Arron E. Frerichs
Senior Systems Analyst
Institutional Research
Oregon University System

Amber Machamer
AVP Planning, Institutional Research,
Data Warehouse
California State University, East Bay

Kay Nguyen
Director of Research and Planning
Cerritos College

Shuqi Wu
Institutional Analyst
Leeward Community College (HI)

William D. Slanger
Institutional Research and Analysis

North Dakota State University

Roland Squire
Utah State University

Registrar Committee

MaryEtta Chase
Salt Lake Community College

Barbara Grover
Assistant Provost
Institutional Effectiveness
Salt Lake Community College

Lisa Johnson
Director of Articulation & Transfer
North Dakota University System

Bob Kieran
Asst Vice Chan Institutional Research & Planning
Oregon University System

Nancy Krogh
University Registrar/Passport Advisory Board Member
University of Idaho

LaDawn Miera
Transfer Manager
Salt Lake Community College

Scott Morrell
Transfer Coordinator
Southern Oregon University

Roland Squire
Utah State University Registrar’s Office

Michael Sweney
Administrative Coordinator
Transfer & New Partnerships Articulations
Office of Admissions
Portland State University

Craig Taylor
Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning
Lane Community College


Pat Shea
Principal Investigator

Bob Turner
Pilot State Coordinator

Cathy Walker
Project Manager/Research Analyst