Interstate Passport Initiative

Phase Proficiency I Criteria Teams

Transfer-Level Proficiency Criteria

In Phase I, faculty representatives from the Passport institutions formed interstate teams to develop Passport Learning Outcomes (PLOs) and Transfer-Level Proficiency Criteria (PC) for the three lower-division general education foundational skill areas: oral communication, written communication, and quantitative literacy. Each development task had separate interstate teams, i.e., PLO teams and PC teams. In Phase II, one interstate faculty team will develop both the PLOs and PC for each of the six knowledge and crosscutting skill areas. 

The Transfer-Level Proficiency Criteria Teams were tasked with developing the institutional criteria that indicate the level of proficiency of the Passport Learning Outcomes required for a student to earn a Passport. These criteria present examples of assignments and/or assessments that may be used as appropriate evidence to support a judgment of “competent at the transfer level.” The Proficiency Criteria Teams shared their work with stakeholders in their states to solicit feedback. Following several rounds of review and refinement, the teams produced the Passport Transfer-Level Proficiency Criteria that is part of the Interstate Passport Agreement.

Oral Communication Proficiency Criteria Team

  • Kevin Baaske, Professor of Communication Studies, California State University Los Angeles
  • Sharon Cox (Chair), Past Faculty Senate Chair, Assistant Professor, Accounting, University of Hawaii West Oahu*
  • Kim Weissman, Communication Department, Williston State College (North Dakota)
  • Richard Parker, Chair, Arts & Humanities Department, Columbia Gorge Community College (Oregon)*
  • Becky Johns, Associate Professor of Communication, Weber State University (Utah)*

Written Communication Proficiency Criteria Team

  • James Goodman (Chair), Dean of Arts and Sciences, Leeward Community College (Hawaii)*
  • Teresa Tande, Assistant Professor of English, Lake Region State College (North Dakota)
  • Donna Evans, Assistant Professor of English/Writing and Director of the Writing Center and Writing Across the Curriculum, Eastern Oregon University
  • Maureen Mathison, Associate Professor, Director, Writing Program, University of Utah*

Quantitative Literacy Proficiceny Criteria Team

  • Rick Woodmansee, Student Learning Outcomes Analyst, Sacramento City College*
  • Julia Myers, Assistant Professor, General Education Chair, University of Hawaii West Oahu*
  • Ryan Zerr, Associate Professor, Mathematics, University of North Dakota
  • Hal Sadofsky, Chair, Department of Mathematics, University of Oregon
  • Jonathan Bodrero (Chair), Professor of Mathematics, Snow College (Utah)*
*Member of both PLO and PC teams